Suicide Prevention Workshops

Let Mary help you create a suicide safer community with suicide prevention and veterans care training and workshops.

If you hire veterans, you need Mary’s expertise.

After 10 years working in the suicide prevention field, Mary Jadwisiak provides a series of workshops targeted to increase suicide awareness for youth and adults. Skill building workshops for parents, school staff, corporate HR personnel and community members are based on the latest research. People leave these workshops knowing what to look for and what to do if they see it.

CARE (Connect; Ask; Refer; Encourage) about Suicide Prevention | 60 minutes

Developed for Psychiatric Grand Rounds, this workshop teaches basic suicide prevention skills with the addition of data regarding mental health recovery. Psychiatrists are encouraged to deliver a message of recovery and hope.

Youth Suicide Prevention | 30 minutes to 90 minutes

After 10 years working in the suicide prevention field, Mary Jadwisiak provides a series of workshops targeted to end youth suicide. Workshops for Parents, School Staff and community members are based on the latest research and promote skill building

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Suicide Awareness and Prevention for the Workplace

If you hire veteran’s you need this workshop. Twenty-two veterans die by suicide every day — that’s nearly one each hour. The suicide of a coworker will negatively impact your entire organization and increase risk for the ones left behind. Give your  employees the power of knowing the warning signs of suicide and the skills they need to act when they see them. This workshop also provides resources for local and national suicide prevention support as well as resources designed specifically for veterans.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

Go the next step. Take this 2-day interactive workshop to learn suicide intervention skills. This workshop is highly recommended for HR personnel or any professional working closely with the public. The curriculum prepares “gatekeepers” to integrate intervention principles into everyday practices. Skills and principles are illustrated by case studies presented in video and live dramatizations. Participants have multiple opportunities to practice skills in role-playing simulations and to engage in highly interactive discussions with other participants and workshop trainers. Each participant receives a Suicide Intervention Handbook CD.

Messaging Matters – Containing Contagion

How we talk about suicide matters. Knowing how to talk with media about reporting on suicide is essential to engage them in responsible reporting of prevention efforts. This workshop and keynote is based on industry standards for safely working with media.

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