Keynote Speeches

Mary is an expert in mental health recovery and suicide prevention.  As the Spokesperson for Hope , she is frequently sought out as a suicide prevention and mental health recovery speaker for conferences, events, and corporate or community programs throughout the country. Read on to learn how Mary can inspire, educate and activate your staff and the community through her many keynote topics.

Mental Health Recovery

Hope in Healthcare — Pushing the Envelope

This keynote examines the role of peer supported hope in the new health care environment.   Peer support workers and industry advocates carry the message of hope and encouragement and bring recovery concepts into unlikely places.

Self Determination Takes a Lot of Determination

A candid look at the systemic and personal obstacles to self-determination and the process of recovery from mental illness.

Holding the Hope

Hope is the foundation for recovery and this keynote outlines the various ways staff, clinical and non-clinical, can foster hope and support recovery.  Participants learn the impact of non-verbal communication and discover how small changes in their environment or behaviors can communicate their belief that the person standing before them can recover.

Living well in recovery

Recovery is process of insights that requires skills far beyond symptom management.  How do we help people stay well while managing normal life circumstances?  This keynote outlines the difficulties and potential solutions for increasing people’s ability for sustaining their recovery and moving forward with life.

Suicide Prevention

CARE  (Connect; Ask; Refer; Encourage) About Suicide Prevention:

Developed for Psychiatric Grand Rounds, this workshop teaches basic suicide prevention skills with the addition of data regarding mental health recovery.  Psychiatrists are encouraged to deliver a message of recovery and hope.

Messaging Matters – containing contagion

How we talk about suicide matters.  Knowing how to talk with media about reporting on suicide is essential to engage them in responsible reporting of prevention efforts.   This workshop and keynote are based on industry standards for safely working with media.