Administration & Supervision Series – 5 Steps to Elite Peer Support 

Peer Support is a powerful tool for client engagement and recovery outcomes. However, your agency may be experiencing high turnover rates with staff burnout. Supervision can be difficult and other non-peer staff may be confused about how peer support fits into the existing array of services. This workshop helps navigate these problems by showing participants where peer support falls in a larger recovery-based service array. It highlights the National Ethical & Practical Guidelines for Peer Support, the purpose and role of peer supporters in the service continuum, relationship building through peer support, and how to create a workplace that is inviting and supportive. Knowing what exactly peer support is and isn’t, how to hire the right peer for each program, and what steps to take prior to installing a peer support program in your agency can eliminate many problems before they start. This workshop will take you through 5 specific strategies to ensure that your peer support program is strong from the ground up. Participants will also learn corrective steps to take to improve current peer support programs experiencing difficulty. Once learned and implemented, these strategies will increase confidence and productivity for peers resulting in reduced burnout and turnover.