One of the things about being the spokesperson for HOPE, is that I am continually looking for ways to say “Look! There it is!” Sometimes, it’s hard for me. Sometime I want to post “meh” and go back to bed, or worse, I want to point out the negative and become caustic and bitter (yes, it’s my default) But then I think of those of you who have told me you look forward to my posts and you appreciate my words, so I put the “meh” aside and start looking.

I am surprised at how just being myself is helpful to others. It leads me to the truth: Being myself – all of me – is what is expected of me all the time. I have to be all in or I’m not living my purpose. I am my purpose. YOU are your purpose. Being completely present, self-accepting and connected is what makes us so beautifully unique. It is the ultimate human challenge.

So then I started thinking – what happened to make me, or you, not be fully present? What makes us think we’re not enough or not capable or not competent. I think it starts with fear. Fear is what makes people run for cover. I ran for cover in food, sex, anger, alcohol, TV, sleep… you name it, I’ve hid behind it. I’m not sure what we’re afraid of, but it can become a habit. We learn to live with showing up half way and hiding the stuff we think we can’t show. I know that when I allow my head and my heart to be connected and be present at the same time, I can do anything! Fear becomes like a paper wall and when I move through it, I am stronger. When my head and heart are connected – I am present and I don’t hide. When I step out into the clearing – out from under cover – I am vulnerable and exposed. But if I do it with intention and awareness, I’m safe. For me, safety is found within. When I am connected mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally I am fully present and I feel safe. When I feel safe, I take risks and know that It’s OK to be myself – even if – especially if – I’m not perfect.

So, THANK YOU for telling me I’m good enough and helping me stay balanced and well and….HOPEFUL! Thanks for helping me connect my head and my heart and go “all in”.

I am holding the hope for myself and for all of you. We can do this big and bold, when we stay connected, to ourselves and each other.