Telling Your Story

Speaker: Lorrin Gehring

Your story of recovery is what gives you authority. Knowing how and when to disclose your story is a big part of the effectiveness of your work as a peer. This workshop will help you sort out the power of telling your story.

Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor is a Holding the Hope speaker for 2018 Webinar.Maggie Taylor is a Recovery Support Specialist, who has a Bachelor’s in Human Services with a minor in Psychology. She is the Advocacy and Education Program Manager, at Advocacy Unlimited, and has formerly served in the field as a Community Bridger. Maggie feels that it was an act of faith that brought her to the peer movement; she was working as a Nutrition Educator when she received an email with an invitation to a CT Hearing Voices Network training. At that training Maggie met peers from Focus on Recovery, and instantly knew that she had found “her tribe” and started working there shortly after. “I could not imagine working with people in any other capacity outside of the peer role; my hope is that I am able to combine both, my education and lived experience to communicate issues that broaden the perspectives of both, people living with diagnoses, and their communities.

Trauma Informed Peer Support

Speaker: Leah Harris

Healing from trauma happens in relationship: we know this from both neuroscience and from lived experience. And it’s why peer support is at the center of any trauma-informed program or approach. But what does it mean to provide “trauma-informed” peer support? This webinar will provide an introductory overview of the principles of trauma-informed approaches and their application to peer support through the development of mutual, reciprocal relationships. Other topics to be covered include: peer support and self-awareness; trauma and its impact; trauma and substance use; and cultural considerations.

Lorrin Gehring

Lorrin Gehring is a Holding the Hope speaker for 2018 Webinar.Lorrin Gehring, is a passionate leader who began advocating for youth rights in her early teen years. In her career she has been fortunate to serve as an Advocate, a Case Manager, a Resource Specialist, a Social Marketer, a Director, a Teacher and a Peer.

In each of these positions she has advocated for young people to have a voice and choice in their lives and the systems that serve them. She has authored numerous articles on youth involvement and is the 2011 Voice Award recipient for excellence in the field of youth advocacy, as well as the 2012 Marlene Matarese Advocate for Youth Rockstar awardee. Lorrin is currently the Program Director for Statewide Youth Sound in Washington. Her favorite color is green, and she is an award-winning karaoke singer holding a first-place award for best worst karaoke performance- she’s got passion.

Building Ethical Relationships

This workshop caters to certified peer counselors in rural areas. Learn how to effectively begin, nurture, and end a peer relationship(s). Learn how to integrate into a clinical team in a non-clinical manner in order to prove effective peer support.

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Laugh It Off

Speaker: David Granirer

Join us as David brings his extraordinary wit and wisdom to start off our day of extraordinary learning.