Bringing Hope to Every Interaction Workshop
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Make a $100 deposit today to get 20% off $875* total fee.

Bringing Hope to Every Interaction is a 4-hour workshop designed for non-clinical staff of mental health or substance use treatment agencies held at your location.

During the workshop people learn that they have a role in helping with recovery for everyone they meet. We discuss the SAMHSA Guiding Principles of Recovery as well as non-verbal communication and internal and external barriers to recovery. Attendees leave with a clear picture of what recovery is and how then can help. This is an excellent workshop for increasing the overall quality of your customer service activities.

Nat Con 2017 special: We’re celebrating Nat Con coming to the Pacific NW! Sign up to be one of 10 agencies that get a 20% discount when you order this workshop April 3, 4 or 5th.

Make a deposit now to get a great discount on the workshop.

* This $100 down payment for the workshop ensures your 20% discount. With the discount your cost for the workshop will be $700 instead of $875. This cost does not include Mary’s travel expenses to your location.

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