Recovery: The Balancing Act

This week Mary is meeting new candidates to train in suicide prevention out in the Mojave Desert way out of Holding the Hope Central and her normal routine. Watch as she discusses how to continue with mental health recovery and mindfulness when you have to change your external environment and/or your routine. Take a break, take a breath and remember to enjoy the moment.

Facebook Live, August 3, 2018



Safety Is Overrated

Mary wants to talk to you about personal risk. Taking a risk is uncomfortable and can make you feel vulnerable at times, however without any risk it is hard to grow and recover.  In recovery, your community of support should be trauma informed to foster safety and trust while also promoting empowerment and collaboration. In other words, the people that love you are there for you with hope, with care, and with acceptance.

Facebook Live, July 27, 2018

Mindfulness and Squirrels

In this very special Friday Morning Live, Mary and her special guest, Sarah Jensen, discuss another aspect of dealing with trauma, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) or mindfulness. DBT is a cognitive behavioral treatment that can be used to help with trauma recovery. They discuss being in the moment, finding your calm amongst the hustle and bustle of your day. Learn more with these two wonderful ladies about how to achieve mindfulness during your day.

Facebook Live, July 20, 2018

It Was Never You

Mary wants to discuss trauma and your pathway to healing from it. She has an important message for you, “It was never you.” Regardless of how trauma arrived in your life, it was always about the group or individual that inflicted this trauma onto you. They did this to you. Remember you are worth your recovery. Never give up- there’s more healing coming. Love more, heal more, and stay strong.

Facebook Live, July 13, 2018

Respect! Just a Little Bit!

Mary’s take on this SAMHSA Guiding Principle of Recovery is one of introspection. We have to respect ourselves – that’s where it all begins.

Facebook Live July 6, 2018

Staff Development Customized for Your Agency’s Unique Needs

Holding the Hope will bring customized training to your staff. Our workshops help staff incorporate recovery principles into clinical practices, reducing turnover and improving outcomes.

Recovery From Many Pathways

This week Mary discusses one of the SAMHSA Guiding Principles: that recovery occurs via many pathways. Individuals are unique with different needs and strengths. Your pathway to recovery will be different than others. Expecting the same recovery path from everyone is not wise, and when we are where we are supposed to be we will flourish. Have the courage to forge ahead along your own recovery path.

Facebook Live, June 29, 2018

Perfectly Imperfect – By Design!

Mary wants to talk about self acceptance, dependence, and self reliance. She discusses on how during her own recovery she felt she needed to be healed from being herself, but she wants to remind you that you are important and who you are is by design. Take a note from Mary rejection of self is not needed for recovery- hope for more, love more, reflect more, and accept yourself more.

Facebook Live, June 22, 2018

Touchstone Moments

Mary’s in Hawaii working with Naval Suicide Prevention. This week she discusses how important and special it is to acknowledge your successes and accomplishments in your own life and recovery. Forward movement, growth, and hope always.

Facebook Live, June 15, 2018

Let’s All Stay Alive, Shall We?

In this video, Mary talks about suicide, its prevention, and recovery. Everyone has a role in suicide prevention. Please take moment to watch this frank discussion about suicide how you can help. Remember the suicide prevention hotline is for everyone (those that are thinking about suicide or those that want to help).

Suicide Hotline: Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text 741741.

Facebook LIve, June 8, 2018